Dr. rer. medic. Dipl.-Ing. Annekatrin Leder

Dr. Leder
Today, Anne Leder successfully defended her thesis "summa cum laude"!

Her work entitled "Entwicklung und Evaluierung eines mikroskaligen, Oligonukleotid-gekoppelten Eisenoxidpartikels zur Stimulation kultivierter humaner Hepatozyten" deals with particle-based delivery systems for therapeutic manipulation and tracking of transplanted cells by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) based on multifunctional, silica based micron-sized iron oxide-containing particles (sMPIO) that combine fluorescence imaging, MRI tracking, and on-the-spot targeting of specific microRNAs on a particle surface for therapeutic manipulation by RNA interference.


Dr. Jan Schröder

Today, Jan Schröder successfully defended his thesis (summa cum laude) entitled "Vergleichende in vivo und in vitro Analysen im Rahmen der Etablierung der kombinierten Leber- und Leberzelltransplantation im Rattenmodell" !

Congratulations !