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Molecular imaging
Labeling of liver cells with iron oxide particles for monitoring using MRI
Cell transplantation
Charité Berlin - Campus Virchow
Dept. of Radiology
L. Stelter, T. Denecke
NeoHybrid Liver Graft
Charité Berlin – Campus Virchow
Department of Immunology
B. Sawitzki
miRNA and the liver
Charité Berlin – Campus Virchow
Department of Neonatology
H. Sallmon, Ch. Dame
Development and evaluation of artificial liver support systems
Extracorporeal liver support in intensive care
Charité Berlin - Campus Virchow
Nephrology and Intensive Care
A. Jörres
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Recondition of marginal donor organs
Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus
Technische Universität Dresden
Medizinische Klinik und Poliklinik III
A. Birkenfeld
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Liver regeneration
Liver transplantation
miRNA and the liver
Universitätsklinikum Leipzig, Visceral, Transplantation, Thorax, and Vascular Surgery
H. Morgül, S. Jonas
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Labelling of primary human hepatocytes
Robert Koch Institut
S. Voigt
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Effects of hypothermia and cardiac arrest on neonatal brain cells
Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin
K.R.L. Schmitt, G. Tong, F. Berger
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Development of methods for hypothermic, oxygenated longterm culture of primary human liver cells in bioreactors.
Optimization of cryopreservation protocols for primary human liver cells
Universitätsklinikum Essen, Institute for Physiological Chemistry
U. Rauen, G. Pless
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Molecular imaging
Labeling of liver cells with iron oxide particles for monitoring using MRI
Cell transplantation

Universitätsklinikum Jena
Department of Radiology
U. Teichgräber
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Continuum source atomic absorption spectrometry

Institute for Analytical Sciences Berlin
M. Huang, S. Florek
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Decellularisation and recellularisation of organs
Organ Engineering and Regeneration
The Richard B. Simches Research Center
Harvard Medical School
Boston, USA
H. Ott
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Human iPS-derived cells for organ recellularisation
L’Institut du Thorax
Université de Nantes, France
K. Si-Tayeb
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CARS spectrometry
'Biosurface Spectroscopy'-group
FOM-Institute AMOLF
Amsterdam, Netherlands
M. Bonn
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Optimization and evaluation of bioreactor concepts
Development and clinical study of a bioartificial liver based on reversibly immortalized human hepatocytes
Academish Medical Centrum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
R. Hoekstra, R.A.F.M. Chamuleau
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Clinical evaluation of the MELS concept
Hospital Clínic ì Provinicial, Barcelona, Spain
A. Mas, V. Arroyo
We thank the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Fondation, DFG), the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Federal Ministry of Education and Research, BMBF), the European Region Development Fund (EFRE) and the Fiebig-Stiftung for their financial support.
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