Kristina Knaub

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Kristina Knaub



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Kristina Knaub is a biochemist and molecular biologist and studied at the University of Potsdam. Her previous experience is in immunology, more specifically stem cell research. She investigated the influence of various cytokines on common lymphoid progenitors by cell culture and FACS analysis. In the research group of Priv.-Doz. Dr. Nathanael Raschzok she tests a clinically approved drug in dose-response studies for the reconditioning of steatotic liver grafts by ex vivo liver machine perfusion. These include surgical skills such as explantation and transplantation of rat livers. Furthermore she manages the Organ Recovery team, supports additional projects and doctoral students in the field of biochemical analysis of perfusate and tissue using ELISA, qRT-PCR, Wester Blot, immunochemistry and immunofluorescence.

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