Modern academic and clinical surgery increasingly demands a fundamental understanding of the individual’s tumor biology. State-of-the art oncologic research paves the way for in-depth characterization and investigation of molecular signatures responsible for carcinoma development. The focus of the Molecular Carcinogenesis Lab is to investigate the genomic determinants responsible for pancreato-biliary tumor initiation and progression. We use modern tools like Next-Generation Sequencing, single-cell transcriptomics, genome engineering and three-dimensional tissue culture to address basic- and translational research questions around pancreato-biliary carcinogenesis.

Funded by BIH – Berlin Institute of Health and the Charité, Clinician Scientist Programm and the Berliner Krebsgesellschaft (BKG), FEFF202108 and Else Kröner Fresenius Stiftung (EKFS, 2022_EKEA.74)
Methodologies and projects
  • Three-dimensional tissue cultures
  • Gene editing of pancreato-biliary driver genes in-vitro
  • Short- and long-read sequencing techniques
  • Investigating the tumor microenvironment
  • Single cell transcriptomics of pancreato-biliary neoplasia

Our Team

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Junior Research Group Leader

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Mengwen Hu


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Ruonan Wang


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Cao Zhong Jin

Doctoral Student

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Dou Ma


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Ann-Christin Amini

Doctoral Student

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Sophie Dorfer

Doctoral Student

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Flora Lindhammer

Doctoral Student

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