Selected Publications
Selection is based on our experimental projects and involvement of our laboratories.
Regarding publications of the
Dept. of Surgery, CCM|CVK, (in particular clinical projects) we would like to refer to Medline.


Engineering an endothelialized, endocrine Neo-Pancreas: Evaluation of islet functionality in an ex vivo model
H. Everwien, E. Keshi, K.H. Hillebrandt, B. Ludwig, M. Weinhart, P. Tang , A.S. Beierle, H. Napierala, J.M. Gassner, N. Seiffert, S. Moosburner, D. Geisel, A. Reutzel-Selke, B. Strücker, J. Pratschke, N. Haep, I.M. Sauer


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