CLOUZ | spinoff from the Charité
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Dr. Panagiotis Fikatas invented a surgical device using a knot technology for minimally invasive surgery. Early prototyping and development work was significantly supported by the SPARK-BIH program with the Validation Fund and funds from the Stiftung Charité.

The startup Clouz GmbH, a spinoff from the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, has developed a novel surgical knot-tying device for use in restrictive access surgery. Clouz GmbH has signed a purchasing agreement for the knot patent with the Charité Technology Transfer Office. The medical device startup was founded by Dr. Panagiotis Fikatas, Marco Climaco and Anne-Mette Jensen.

The novel surgical closure device allows surgical knots to be tied easily, quickly, and most importantly, safely, even in surgeries with severely limited access (e.g. minimally invasive procedures). The products are based on a patented knotting technology that can be used in a range of device types: from manual application by the surgeon to devices for robotic surgery. CLOUZ OneKnot ensures consistent closure for the surgeon and saves valuable time in the operating room.

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